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We are one of the most famous manufacturing of Acid Proof Manufacturers, acid proofing, and providing solutions to corrosion. As a manufacturer, we offer a wide range of acid-proof construction materials for fixing tiles/bricks, Chemical Resistant Mortar, Chemical Proof Mortar, Epoxy Resin, Epoxy hander, Bitumen Primer, Bitumen Mastic, Sodium Silimor Mortar, Sodium Silicate Solution, Phenolic Resin Mortar, Furan Resin Mortar, C.N.S.L Resin Mortar

As a manufacturer we are valuable in the market because of our qualitative manufacturing products, our product is tested under experts supervision and also certified by ISO marked, and we never make any compromise with quality and purity.

Our technicians and workers are dedicated to providing their best services and efforts to make our products appreciated and satisfied by customers. Acid-Proof Brick installations provide protection against mechanical abuse and eminent temperatures. A complete solution of acid-proof brick flooring systems for the protection of plant floors that are subject to corrosion is provided by us. We are successfully supplying our products to many other Industries and also have a well-organized marketing and distribution network to make a search of customers’ requirements and to fulfill their customized needs. We are there for your specific problem for corrosion protection and offer you various acid resistance products that suit you economically we serve our clients with consistency, dependability, and quality.

Our team

We have achieved a place in the market and become a leading company because of the support of our professional team, and their efforts as they focus in manufacturing   the products .The professionals that we have hired are experts and also knowledgeable in their own field which gives their new ideas, and using advance technology which makes efforts to make our firm on top position and also maintain healthy relationship   with customer.

Our team

  • Technicians
  • Chemical engineers
  • Skilled workers
  • Quality Controller

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