#1 Phenolic Resin Mortar Manufacturer and Supplier in India

We are the prime manufacturer of Phenolic Resin Mortar with the growing demand for other chemicals considering that, we have started to keep these acid-proof chemicals and also serve our customers with new material.

Phenolic resin mortar is supplied in two components resin and filler that is used for bedding and jointing material in masonry construction for protection against corrosive conditions.

Phenolic Resin mortar is used for Acid proof bricks/tile lining work to resist mineral acid, It has extreme resistance against sulphuric acid and is also used for tank lining, pickling, reaction, floor, and drain lining as this is made under the direction of our chemical expert by the set industry standard, we also offer to the customer at a reasonable price.

Salient features

  • Safe
  • Pure
  • effective
Phenolic Resin Mortar