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Top C.N.S.L Resin Mortar Manufacturer and Supplier in Ahmedabad, India

C.N.S.L Resin mortar is a special kind of mortar that is used for lining of acid proof bricks and tiles, its name is Cashew Nut Shell liquid that is highly resistant to alkalis, acid in high temperature of up to 170 degree.

C.N.S.L Resin Mortar is used for lining, bedding, and jointing mortar for acid bricks and tiles, also for joining chemical resistant stoneware pipes. It is also used for high resistance and heavy impact subject to the surface of floor. Also in ETP plant that is strong on the ceramic, concrete surface and metals so it can be used as a colossal lining for the construction of thin acids storage tanks. It has resistant to acids, alkalies and becomes self hardening due to its chemical reaction occurs when powder and resin is mixed.


CNSL as cashew is silica carbon filled CNSL base nonporous self-hardening and plastic nature is used for pipe jointing material, for lining acid proof tiles, bricks, tanks. CNSL Resin mortar is suitable for yarn processing, rayon, textile, metal chemicals, bulk drugs, and dyes, steel.

Salient features

  • Resistant to chemicals
  • Can with stand high temperature
  • Provides resistance to heavy impacts
  • Used to join stoneware pipes
  • Excellent adhesion properties with concrete , ceramic, and metal surface

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