Top Furan Resin Mortar Manufacturer and Supplier in India

As a manufacturer we are also dealing to serve our client with different and all Kind of acid proof material and to satisfy industrial and customer requirement. We manufacture this (chemical) substance under the supervision of chemical engineers and experts, to give you best product with better result.

Furan resin Mortar is chemical resistant mortar it is made when liquid resin and powder is mixed in proper proportion from effective mortar and after setting and curving gives a black solid mass, it is resistant to detergents, oils, acids, alkalies,

It is widely used for bedding lining and jointing mortar of tiles and bricks which gives resistance against chemicals, chemical reaction vessel, drain, foundation etc. Furan Resin Mortar is chemical based used in cement so chemical resisting cement with great resistance to a wide variety of cement of chemical compounds including oils, brines, solvent, acids, alkalis etc.

Furan resin mortar is acid resistant and is used for acid resistant bricks ,tiles mandana stones, where maximum chemical resistance is required such as dyestuff, petrochemicals, food, rayon ,steel, pharmaceuticals, fertilizer, power station etc and also used for acid resistance tank flooring, pipe jointing material for bedding lining and jointing of tiles and bricks .

Salient features

  • Furan resin based chemical resistant mortar
  • Useful for industrial
  • High Strength
  • Superb  bonding
  • Resistant to Acids, Alkalis, Salts, Solvent, Greases, Detergents, Oils