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Word class Acid Proof Bricks! Top Quality Acid proof bricks in India 

Acid-proof bricks are used to handle and store dangerous substances and liquids for a very long time, many various methods have been developed over the years to develop the chemical-resistant property of granite, sandstone, metal, etc. They are specially developed with chemical resistance and can handle being in direct contact with most acids and alkalies.

Acid-proof Bricks found their utility in the flooring of various chemical laboratories, hospitals, factories, etc, as these are resistant to absorption and corrosive to the action of acid.

This product is known for its good strength, solidity, and resistance, Acid proof bricks are offered suitable for use on locations like tanks, reaction & storage vessels, Industrial floors, drains, effluent treatment plants, and others where there is a high possibility of damage due to acid presence.

Acid Proof Bricks

Bricks are made from clay, and subjected to high temperatures this is usually done for a substantially long time and has low absorption and high chemical resistance. A wide range of acid bricks has the best chemical resistance and thermal stability and is used in the pulp, and paper industry, steel and metal working industry, pharmaceutical industry, and chemical and food industry at reasonable prices.

Salient Features

  • Good Designs
  • Durable
  • Corrosion resistance
  • Specification
  • Natural acid resistance

many different size and thickness

  • Brick standard size
  • 230x115x75mm
  • 230x115x38mm
Acid Proof Bricks
Acid Proof Supplier in india

The following are the technical specifications for all of our Acid Proof Mortar, Bricks, and Tiles:


Acid Acid Proof Tiles Phenolic Resin Cement Acid Resistant Bricks CNSL Resin Cement Alkali Proof Brick Lining Epoxy Coating Service Polyester Resin Mortar Acid Proof Bricks
Colour Black Black Off White Black Black Off White Off White Red / White
Ratio (Solution : Powder ) 4:08 4:08 4:08 4:08 Hotmelt 3:10 1:55
Compressive Strength ( kg/cm2 ) 250 250 341 186 230 450 450 650
Flexural Strength ( kg/cm2 ) 72 73 35 70 75 75 89 162
Bond Strength ( kg/cm2 ) 12 14 8 10 11 12 12
Water Absorption ( max % ) 1 1 18 * 1 1 1 1 2
Temperature Resistant ( max °C ) 165 185 846 174 85 82 75 879
Self Life @ 25 °C ** 68 days 40 days 365 days 85 days 225 days 97 days 84 days 365

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