We offer to our clients a distinguished range of Sodium Silicate Solution. Our product range is a colorless or light-colored solid block. This Refractory Chemicals will become a transparent or semi-transparent and colorless or light colored viscous fluid soon under high temperature and high pressure.

We manufacture large range of sodium silicates solution as per industrial grade which meets the customer’s specific requirements. Sodium silicate solution is found and applied in cements, passive fire protection, textile, refractoriness and lumber processing. Sodium silicate solution is a clear, odorless and viscous liquid also used in soaps, paper, detergents, and adhesives and in waterproofing. Sometimes it is used to seal small cracks or leaks in the cooling system.

Sodium silicateis also known as liquid glass or water glass, also is stable in neutral and alkaline solution as per clients requirement it is available.

Salient features

  • Long life
  • Balanced composition
  • Accurately processed
  • Purity
  • Easily used
SODIUM SILICATE SOLUTION sodium-silicate-solution

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