We are as manufacturer and supplier to provide best resistance against acids our products is suitable for use in application area like repair, production, maintenance etc. Bitumen Mastic with crushed stone gravel or sand used for paving or roofing, to roof or coat with asphalt, is used to pave an area cover with material or concrete to make suitable for vehicle, for constructing roads in village and city. Bitumen mastic shall be broken into small pieces and heated and then applied with wood or trowel. It is acid and alkali resistant for use as a protective impervious membrane suitable for brick work, concrete, steel etc

Mastic asphalt is a type of asphalt composed of suitable graded mineral and asphaltic cement, also to take in proper proportion to consistent mass solid or semi solid form. when it is heated it is in fluid form and then becomes solid.

BITUMEN MASTIC bitumen-mastic

Bitumen Mastic is used for concrete and ordinary red brick masonry with cement plaster surface are basic method for construction of floors, foundation, tanks etc. To protect commercial and civil structure of plants and building from corrosive attack acid resistant brick lining is mostly used, Bitumen Mastic has good resistance to weak, diluted acids, alkalis salts etc, also used as open mastic flooring for heavy duty flooring.

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